"Meeting" is the very first episode of Midnight Rain. It was published on February 27th, 2016, and was part of the Discover/Canvas series.



Episode 1 begins with introducing the main character, Noemi Mironoff, as an excited 10-year-old onlooking a big mansion in front of her. She assumes she's going to be living there, but her parents soon point her in the direction of the real place they're moving into and explain that about 15 people already live in the apartment complex. Her mother mentions that they work for a family called the Valstroms, which the both of them will be working for as well.

After they settle down, Noemi goes outside and has a brief fantasy about the Valstroms being good people due to the fact that her parents always talk so highly of them. She lies down on a bench and begins to fall asleep until a blue-eyed boy wakes her up from it by shouting at her; asking her why she's on his bench. When Noemi opens her eyes, she sees the boy hovering above her and offers to be his friend. However, he quickly rejects this by slapping her hand away, scolding her for thinking that he would want to be friends and calling her ugly before promptly shoving her off the bench. Noemi is both physically and mentally hurt by this and ends up walking away after briefly arguing with him about his terrible attitude.



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